What are balustrades and why are they important?

Balustrades are supported rails. They don’t come up in conversation much – unless you are in the construction industry – but they are everywhere in our homes and cities. We see them every day alongside stairs and around balconies. They have a vital role in protecting the safety of people living and working in the built environment – especially in high-rise buildings. As a nation, we need to have confidence in the safety standards that are applied. These standards need to be stringent, uniform and ensure materials used in making our building safe, are fit-for-purpose.

Why do we need the ABA?

Wherever there are stairs, balconies or multi-storey buildings, we rely on supported railings to prevent injury and death. Balustrades are everywhere in our cities and homes. The Australian Balustrade Association supports its members in achieving the highest standards of safety – to not just comply, but to be the safest they can be for all Australians. The ABA is working for national uniformity, and eradicating the duplication and confusion that currently exists in the regulatory environment.

How will the ABA make a difference?

Through education, support, certification for our members and working with governments and regulators, the Australian Balustrade Association works to establish uniform regulations across the country. The construction industry will only want to work with suppliers who are certified to the highest safety standards, so that no-one is killed or injured because of failings with balconies, stairs or high rise buildings.

Where will your membership come from?

We have an impressive list of founding members that represent some of the leading balustrade businesses in Australia. As the ABA grows, businesses will see the advantages of having national ABA certification to support their products and their brands, and the construction industry will welcome the uniformity, certainty, and confidence that their buildings are safe.

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